Curriculum Vitae

Shuci Liu

  • Education background

  1. 01/0216-present: The University of Melbourne, Major: Doctor of Philosophy (Environmental Engineering)
  2. 02/2013-07/2015: The University of Melbourne, Major: Master of Engineering (Environmental), Degree: Master of Engineering with Distinction
  3. 09/2009-06/2012: University of Science and Technology Beijing, Major: Safety Engineering, Degree: Master of Mining Engineering     
  4. 09/2005-06/2009: University of Science and Technology Beijing, Major: Environmental Engineering, Degree: Bachelor of Environmental Engineering
  • Research Experience

  1. 01/0216-present: Melbourne, Australia
    As a PhD candidate, I am working for the ARC Linkage Project 'Predicting water quality at the catchment scale', supervised by A/Prof. Dongryeol Ryu, Prof. Andrew Western, Dr. Angus Webb and Dr. Anna Lintern. We are aiming to learn from the water quality monitoring data in the Great Barrier Reef catchments and develop a data-driven understanding of spatio-temporal controls on water quality at the catchment scale. In this research, a Bayesian hierarchical predictive framework will be developed to assess the significance of various land management practice scenarios, providing scientific insights for water quality management.
  2. 04/2017-06/2017:  Melbourne, Australia
    I participated in 'Projection of irrigation water demand in Lower Murray Water service areas', led by Prof. QJ Wang and Prof. Andrew Western. We compared the climate in Mildura Irrigation District in the last five years with climate average and variability over longer periods in the recent past and analysed the water demand data in the last five years to understand how the demand was influenced by the climate (temperature and precipitation) during this period. Finally, taking the last five years as a baseline, predict probability distributions of water demand in the five years with irrigation seasons ending in 2019-2023, under different climate scenarios. My major role included climatic and water demand data collation, analysis and visualization.
  3. 01/2015-07/2015: Melbourne, Australia
    I undertook an Infrastructure Engineering research project 'Estimating Land Surface Soil Moisture from Space', supervised by A/Prof. Dongryeol Ryu and Dr. Chun-Hsu Su. I explored a new generic implementation of radiative transfer equation which enables retrieve soil moisture from L-band satellite observation. The retrieval algorithm was evaluated in terms of sensitivity and observational uncertainty, towards the retrieval accuracy. A research paper from this research was published in MODSIM 2015. 
  4. 02/2012-06/2012: Pingtung, R.O.C (Taiwan)
    Exchange program in National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (Taiwan, R.O.C.), supervised by Prof. Yeh Yi-Lung. I participated in the Project 'Kao-ping River Basin Flood Control', responsible for rainfall data collation, analysis and rainfall-runoff simulation.
  5. 05/2009-01/2012: Beijing, China
    National Key Technology R&D Program in the 11thFive-year Plan of China-Research and Test on Coal Mine Refuge Chamber. I carried out the Research on Performance of Chemical Oxygen in Refuge Chamber and explored on superoxide and oxygen candles, completed master degree thesis. Research outcomes were published on several domestic and international peer-reviewed journals. 
  • Publications

  1. Liu, S., Ryu, D., Western, A. W., Webb, J. A., Lintern, A., Waters, D., & Thomson, B. (2017). Modelling the impact of land use and catchment characteristics on stream water quality using a Bayesian hierarchical modelling approach in the Great Barrier Reef catchments. Paper presented at the 22nd International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (MODSIM), Hobart, Australia.
  2. Lintern, A., Webb, J., Ryu, D., Liu, S., Bende‐Michl, U., Waters, D., Leahy, P., Wilson, P., & Western, A. (2017). Key factors influencing differences in stream water quality across space. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water.
  3. S. Liu, D. Ryu, A.W. Western, J.A. Webb, A. Lintern, P. Leahy, P. Wilson, M. Watson, D. Waters, U. Bende-Michl (2016). Multivariate analysis of water quality and environmental variables in the Great Barrier Reef catchments [H13A-1339], presented at 2016 Fall Meeting, AGU, San Francisco, Calif., 12-16 Dec.
  4. Shuci LIU, Chun-Hsu Su, Dongryeol Ryu & Kibeum Kim. 2015. Towards LPRM-based soil moisture retrievals with multi-angular microwave observations from SMOS. Conference: 21st International Congress on Modelling and Simulation MODSIM2015, 21st International Congress on Modelling and Simulation, Gold Coast, Australia.
  5. JIN Longzhe, WANG Shu, LIU Shuci & ZHANG Zheng. 2015. Development of a Low Oxygen Generation Rate Chemical Oxygen Generator for Emergency Refuge Spaces in Underground Mines. Combustion Science and Technology, 187, 1229-1239.
  6. LI Jing, JIN Longzhe, WANG Sheng, LIU Shuci & WANG Shu. 2011. Purification Characteristic Research of Carbon Dioxide in Mine Refuge Chamber. Procedia Earth and Planetary Science, 2, 189-196.
  7. LI Jing, JIN Longzhe, WANG Sheng & LIU Shuci. 2011. Calculation of Human Body Respiration and Metabolic Heat and Moisture in Mine Refuge Chamber. Mechanic Automation and Control Engineering (MACE), 2011 Second International Conference on, 2011b. IEEE, 2008-2012.
  8. WANG Shu, JIN Longzhe, LIU Shuci, ZHANG Zheng. 2014. Research on Application of Chlorate Oxygen Candle to Emergency Refuge Facility in Non-coal Mine. China Safety Science Journal, 24, 166-170. (In Chinese)
  9. LIU Shuci, JIN Longzhe & LI Jing. 2011. The Characteristics Analysis of Chemical Oxygen Used in Mine Refuge Chamber. Mine Construction Technology, 32, 58-63. (In Chinese)
  • Scholarship

  1. 2017    Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship
  2. 2016    Melbourne Research Scholarship
  3. 2015    Gilbert H Vasey Prize, top Environmental Engineering graduate, the University of Melbourne
  4. 2009-2010 National First-class Scholarship as a postgraduate (2 times)
  5. 2009    Renmin Top-class Scholarship, USTB (1 winner per dept.)
  6. 2008    Maisike Top-class Scholarship, USTB (1 winner per dept.)
  7. 2006    Renmin Third-class Scholarship, USTB 
  • Awards

  1. 2017    Fellowship in 2017/18 OzEWEX Climate and Water Summer Institute, Australian National University
  2. 2016    Dean's Honors List of School of Engineering, The University of Melbourne
  3. 2011    Merit Postgraduate of USTB (10 winners per dept.)
  4. 2009    Beijing Municipal Excellent Graduate (4 winners per dept.)
  5. 2009    Excellent University Graduation Thesis of USTB (4 winners per dept.)
  6. 2007-2008 Won Excellent Merit Student of USTB (2 times)
  • Work Experience:

  1. 2018, Tutor in subjects 'Environmental Applied Hydrology', the University of Melbourne
  2. 2017, Tutor in subjects 'Environmental Applied Hydrology' and 'Environmental Analysis Tools', the University of Melbourne
  3. 2017, Tutor in subject 'Environmental Analysis Tools', the University of Melbourne