Curriculum Vitae

Mr. Naveen Joseph

404, Engineering Block B, Dept of Infrastructure Engineering, The University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria 3010, Australia
Tel: +61 401665289


  • Education

  1. 2015 -: Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, Department of Infrastructure Engineering, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
    - Thesis:  Investigation of Sustainable National Water Resources Management of India in Changing Climate
  2. 2011 - 2013: M.Tech in Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India
    - Thesis: Estimation of Instream Flow Requirements of Son River in Ganga Basin
  3. 2007 - 2011: B.Tech in Civil Engineering, Thangal Kunju Musaliar College of Engineering, Kerala, India
    - Project: A study of the environmental impacts of sand dredging on rivers 
  • Professional Experience

2013 - 2014: Assistant Professor, Amal Jyothi College Of Engineering, Kerala, India 

  • Scholarships:

MKN Johansen Scholarship, Dept. of Infrastructure Engineering, 2015-2018

  • Relevant Publications:

  1. J. Naveen, D. Ryu, H. Malano, B. George and K.P. Sudheer, 2017. Investigation of sustainable national water resources management of India in a changing climate, In MODSIM, 22nd International Congress on Modelling and Simulation. Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand
  2. J. Naveen, D. Ryu, H. Malano, B. George and K.P. Sudheer, 2018. Assessment of sustainable water use and water stress in India using census-based statistical data, In EGU General Assembly Abstracts
  3. B. Narasimhan, J. Naveen, P. Pooja, J.G. Arnold and R. Srinivasan (2013), Integration of a pseudo 3D ground water model with SWAT, International SWAT Conference, Toulose, France
  4. J. Naveen, P. Pooja and B. Narasimhan (2013), Estimation of instream flow requirements of Son river in Ganga basin, International Hydros Conference, IIT Madras, India
  5. J. Naveen, G. Satish and C.Vinod (2013), Comparative study of sediment transport equations using HEC RAS for a run-of-river hydroelectric project, International Hydros Conference, IIT Madras, India
  6. P. Pooja, J. Naveen and B. Narasimhan (2013), Assessment of climate change impacts on the surface water and ground water potentials of Chennai river basin, International Hydros Conference, IIT Madras, India