Curriculum Vitae

Jie Jian

  • Education: 

  1. Jan 2017 - current: Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering, the University of Melbourne. 
    - PhD's research topic: Streamflow prediction using water level data in ungauged basins. 
    - Investigating the performances of different kinds of models and calibration methods in ungauged basins; as well as the influences of hydroclimatic and catchment properties.
  2. Mar 2013 - Jul 2015: Master of Engineering (Environmental), the University of Melbourne., 
    - Master's Research Project: Calibrating rainfall runoff models using only river height measurement, produced one of the best (top 5%) reports in the program and was presented at 2015 MODSIM conference in Broadbeach, Queensland.
    - Overseas Fieldwork: one week's fieldwork about 'International River Basin Management', Yellow River, China;
  3. Aug 2007 - Jun 2011: Bachelor of Environmental Engineering, Zhejiang University, China
    - Graduation Thesis Topic: Ultrasonically assisted extraction and retrieval of fatty acids and biomass from spirulina
  • Research experience:

  1. Dec 2017 - Jan 2018: OzEWEX 2017 Australian Climate and Water Summer Institute fellow, Canberra, Australia
    - Project topic: Towards improving the accuracy of AWRA-L model by adding routing processes in model calibration
  2. Nov 2014 - Current: Research Assistant (Casual) in Department of Infrastructure Engineering, the University of Melbourne, Australia
  3. Working in rainfall-runoff modelling and data analysis using Matlab, ArcGIS and Python; 
  4. Constructing comprehensive geodatabase (>300 catchments) to be used as model predictors in ARC Linkage project: Bayesian modelling framework to predict water quality in Australian catchments. 
  5. Dec 2013 - Feb 2014: Research Assistant (Intern) in Thermodynamics lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering, the University of Melbourne, Australia
  6. Assisted in implementing experiment equipment
  • Teaching (tutoring):

  1. ENEN90031 Quantitative Environmental Modelling
  2. ENEN90032 Environmental Analysis Tools
  • Publications:

  1. Jian, J., Costelloe, J., Ryu, D., & Wang, QJ. (2017). Does a fifteen-hour shift make much difference? - Influence of time lag between rainfall and discharge data on model calibration. Paper has been accepted for presentation at MODSIM2017.
  2. Jian, J., Ryu, D., Costelloe, J., & Su, C. (2017). Towards hydrological model calibration using river level measurements. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies, 10, 95-109.
  3. Jian, J., Ryu, D., Costelloe, J., & Su, C. (2015). Towards reliable hydrological model calibrations with river level measurements. Paper presented at the 21st International Congress on Modelling and Simulation, Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand.
  • Award:

  1. OzEWEX 2017 Australian Climate and Water Summer Institute fellowship